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science in the kitchen
humans, craftmen of food
Man is the absolute protagonist of his lifestyle, an advocate of his own habits and, at times, a true artisan of food. Nevertheless, it is difficult to take full advantage of the innovations and possibilities offered by the development of IoT and Wearable in the culinary field, endorsing the tendency to impoverish knowledge and culture of food, moving further and further away from study and the ability to create, from the primary ingredients, something that is good, healthy and enjoyable to taste and not just something that is “eatable”. What culinary alchemy transforms the simple organic matter into one of the highest pleasures of our culture?
hands on food
the future of “know how” in the kitchen

We are a group of young people united by a passion for good food and new technologies, driven by the constant search for new methods and cutting-edge tools that can improve the experience in the kitchen and, consequently, the quality of life.

We are creating the first kitchen wearable that puts advanced measuring devices into the hands of food artisans, facilitating workflows, helping to organize and monitor the operations to be carried out in the kitchen, and providing essential support in the preparation of recipes.

we want men, creativity and science in the kitchen to be supported by scientific instruments, intelligent applications that are increasingly at hand.
palmo, the first wearable device for cooking

Palmo has been conceived thinking of human interaction in environments where manual skill and technique are applied to food preparation.The goal is to increase the perception of reality thanks to the combination of sensors integrated to strategic points in the hand and an App designed specifically for the execution of recipes and preparations.

La gestualità è importante
La gestualità è importante Palmo

The importance of gestures

Activities in the kitchen are carried out using a very important tool: your hands.

Tracing and analyzing hand movements will be an essential step to enrich the experience of Palmo through the use of "gestures", specific movements that will give users the opportunity to interface "hand free" with the system and not only: the ability to record them to be used in the near future for what is called "machine learning".

You mean you have to use your hands? That’s like a baby’s toy!
a handful of sensors to keep the kitchen under control
Una bilancia da polso

A wrist scale. Really?

Yes. Weighting and dosing ingredients in seconds with a single tool integrated in your hand can save time and space in the kitchen. Who would not want that?

Quattro slot sensori sulle dita, personalizzabili Tre sensori di peso

Four customizable sensor slots on the fingers

In our design hypothesis we have started to identify the key tools that can bring real utility in the kitchen.
Once connected, Palmo recognizes and manages the four sensors placed on the fingers, which can be configured according to the user's needs:

  • infrared temperature sensor
  • salt sensor

For the future, we are considering the possibility of extending the range of sensors with:

  • molecular spectrometer
  • UV sterilizer
PALMO e tutte le immagini qui visualizzate sono proprietà intellettuale registrata.
Ne è quindi vietato l'utilizzo senza espressa autorizzazione da parte del Team Hands On Food.
Tre sensori di peso Una bilancia da polso

Three weight sensors for faster and more accurate measurements

Palmo's integrated weight sensors simultaneously capture three separate data, summing up and normalizing them before delivering the final result with the highest possible accuracy. How long does it take? A few tenths of a second.

Quattro slot sensori sulle dita, personalizzabili
PALMO e tutte le immagini qui visualizzate sono proprietà intellettuale registrata.
Ne è quindi vietato l'utilizzo senza espressa autorizzazione da parte del Team Hands On Food.
My mom told me that the two most important kitchen utensils are attached to the arms[...]
(Rachel Ray)
Electronics and materials
usability, hygiene, connectivity
Un guanto connesso

A connected glove

The Palmo bracelet is removable, so you can separate it from the glove for cleaning and sterilization. is flexible and can be connected by means of a magnetic connector, supplying power to the connected sensors. The electronics of the bracelet consists of processor, oscilloscope, gyroscope, battery and wi-fi connectivity.

Materiali e ipotesi di fabbricazione Display e-ink / oled

Materials and manufacturing assumptions

Given the criticality of the kitchen environment, we need a product that is practical, hygienic and durable.
We are still working on this, but Palmo's structure could be composed of a Dyneema® inner layer in cut resistant fiber, an insulated intermediate layer for the wires and finally an outer layer in food-grade silicone.

Materiali e ipotesi di fabbricazione
Display e-ink / oled Un guanto connesso

OLED / E-INK Displays

To ensure flexibility and impermeability to Palmo, we decided to equip it with a display based on the latest OLED technology, which allows you to have a thin "sheet" of light with a relatively low energy consumption. Alternatively, given the current cost of OLED displays, we could opt for the cheaper E-INK, the same used in e-reader devices.

Materiali e ipotesi di fabbricazione
in the near future
Palmo could easily change the paradigms of gastronomy
Possibile applications
Domestic use in the kitchen

Issues such as safety, comfort, connectivity and home automation could lead us in the near future to use Palmo as a smart controller for our entire kitchen.

The use of highly specialized equipment will be essential support for a more balanced and healthy diet, placing the humans back at the center of the kitchen and preserving the food culture, a precious and essential heritage.

Possibile applications
Food Professionals

There are many opportunities for new methodological approaches in professional environments.

From confectioners to greengrocers, anyone who handles food for sale or preparation will have the opportunity to rewrite the rules, enrich their craft with a new “modus operandi”.

This leads us to think that it is possible to enrich both the production and quality workflows of large kitchens by studying customized solutions for each category of food artisans.

the team
"A strong team can take any crazy vision and turn it into reality."
(John Carmack)
PR, design, storytelling
I've been working in the digital design and digital fabrication world for ten years, but I can't label myself. I love experimenting, because I believe that innovation comes from intersections.
Product design, UI, UX
I'm sure everything we can imagine can be realized, from hyperspace-travels to laser swords, I only hope to live enough to see that happen.
engineering & electronics
I work in the automation field. I'm an Arduino enthusiast and teacher for both kids and adults classes. I keep a blog about electronics and I founded a start-up with some friends.
ingegneria & elettronica
I'm an energy engineering student and a digital manufacturing enthusiast. I love technology since tender age, all the handiwork and its human value.
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I'm a software developer and IT student, and I'm part of Fab Lab Romagna. In my free time I like playing the piano and listening to Seventies progressive rock music.
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